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Aug 13 2012

UnderDog: The Unforgettable Lager

Shit, did anyone see that? Crap, I didn't think anybody was looking. Wait, they had a camera? Oh God, how do I un-tag? They can't have that many followers...right?

We've had those moments. Now, there's a beer for it. UnderDog is the unforgettable lager for those moments you won't soon forget. (Or, in most cases, that your friends won't let you forget.) 


We put together some of our favorite unforgettable experiences of the summer. Now, we want to see yours.

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Send them our way on Twitter with the hashtag #Unforgettable

We'll post our favorites as we see them. We'll also share places that have UnderDog on draft, in bottles, and in the can throughout the mid-Atlantic, so you can keep those unforgettable moments flowing all summer long.