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Dec 29 2022

2023 Brand Calendar Announcement

It seems like we can all agree 2022 was another banger. Whether you’re back in the office or still WFH, we’ve all pretty much had it up to <here> with Zooms that could have been emails, with sharing your wordle scores with literally no one who cares, with big boats still getting stuck in not small spaces, and with another year ending without fully understanding what an NFT is or does. But hope shines eternal and we’re here to get your gears grinding for our 2023 brand calendar.

Like all big announcements, we reserve the right for take backs, switcharoos, additions, cancellations, and clarifications. In other words, the internet is a good place for yelling, but not about this.


  • Nuclear Smile.  At 10% this Hazy DIPA is all teeth, now available all year round, in all markets. This NEIPA is the guest of honor at your personal mouth party.
  • Hare Chaser. One jaunt through your local mall should tell you everything old is new again, but let’s be clear: Citra and Mosaic never went out of style. Balanced, sweet and tart – this Grapefruit IPA is everything you love about your favorite big squeeze in a bottle. Let the games begin.
  • Killer Hard Tea. Get ready to grab life by the tea bags in 2023 with our latest Gonzo Drinks release. Whether it’s climbing rocks, skipping rocks, or collecting rocks Killer Hard Tea is the perfect companion to celebrate all the big (and not so big) moments in life.   


  • Royal Crush. More juice from a different squeeze, this “citra-fied” version of the Orange Crush Ale you know and love just graduated to year-round. Made with 100% Citra hops, orange and tangerine, this juicy IPA also benefits the Oyster Recovery Partnership with every 6-pack adding 60 oysters back to the Chesapeake Bay. It turns out doing good also tastes good.


  • Barrel-Aged Gonzo. BAG is back in bomber format with a touch of locally sourced caramel courtesy of our friends at Mouth Party.  Aged in Willett bourbon barrels like it’s cult-classic counterpart, this inimitable Imperial Porter is complex and bold just like the man whose legacy it was brewed to honor - legendary Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.
  • Hazy Double Dog Double. America’s #1 DIPA over 10% is now wild, untamed, and unfiltered.
  • Hop Pack. Our year-round variety pack just courted a new lead singer. Our reliably aggressive hop-forward staples Truth, Bloodline and Royal Crush will be joined by an experimental hop-forward IPA featuring Citra, Sabro & Simcoe hops exclusively available in the 12-pack. Rejoice hop nerds, rejoice.


  • Dead Rise & Double Dead Rise. Petition be damned, it’s the only official beer made with OLD BAY so we’re still gonna call it the Official Beer of Maryland. The distinct Summer Ale recipe is back in 12oz/6-pack cans and we've doubled down on the OLD BAY, the ABV and the container for this summer's sophomore release of Double Dead Rise in 16oz cans.


  • Digital Juice. A new series of innovative IPAs in more 16oz cans. A Juicy IPA release in February (look for this one at Wegman’s), a West Coast style IPA launches in spring followed by a Jalapeno Honey IPA in the fall. Each style is a digital take on the modern experience – engaging both the analog and digital audience IRL. You’ll want these beers in your digital footprint to help you forget about all that stupid shit you posted on Facebook 15 years ago.  


  • Super Hook Lemonade. A sister to a different mister, we’re rolling out 19.2s of the Fruit Punch and a high-octane lemonade sour that hits hard with bold citrus flavor. Refreshingly tart and dangerously crushable, at 10% ABV you might not even notice if someone broke a chair over your head.


  • The Osopher Series. A new variation and tribute to our fearless founder returns in 750 format.


  • PSL Kujo. A fan favorite because it’s been a rough couple of years and your favorite coffee fix becoming your favorite coffee beer fix isn’t the dream you asked for but the dream you deserve. Graduating from our fall variety pack (which yes, basically comes out in July) in 2023 you can purchase it in 12oz/6-pack making it both hoard-able and share-able depending on your mood.


  • Malibu Bob. Is he a high-end realtor? A Pilates trainer to the stars? The leader of an essential oil pyramid scheme? This silky, smooth Coconut Porter is dark, dreamy and is guaranteed to get your motor running at 9%. Aged on dark cocoa powder and one ton of toasted coconut chips, this porter isn’t named after Sandy Cohen or is it.


  • Snowplowed Hibernation Pack. CTRL-SALT-DELETE. We’re clearing the way for 3 new styles that’ll make you shrug your shoulders the next time MDOT calls their fleet of plows to clean up the Winterstate.


  • Thing Big, Drink Big. From extra high ABVs to extra tall cans, we’re here for your big mouths. Our crew of stadium and living room friendly 19.2s Truth & Double Dog will be joined by Super Hook Fruit Punch Sour this spring. Collect them all and have a ball.