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Driven by unexpected flavors and unapologetic ABVs, Gonzo Drinks is full-flavored craft beverages that aim to change the status quo.

Gonzo Drinks was born from that same quest to challenge conformity and everything you thought you knew about alcoholic beverages that are NOT BEER. We embrace the doctrine of Flying Dog founder George Stranahan and chase risks. And while we’ll always stay true to what formed us, Gonzo Drinks is an evolution and exploration of the humor and discomfort that pushed Flying Dog to ascend to the 35th largest craft brewery in the country. It was done by unleashing our creativity, letting go and going against the grain. Why not us. Why not now. We take pride in challenging the status quo. We are restless and hungry. If it feels safe or comfortable – we’re doing something wrong.

This all-new crisp and refreshing hard tea balances earthy and floral tea flavors with a hint of sweetness and a bright pop of lemon. Moderately carbonated to enhance your sipping experience, Killer Tea is your new go-to to assassinate your thirst.

Flying Dog has joined forces with our friends at Saranac Brewing Co. and Harpoon Brewing to unleash an all-new, full flavor canned cocktail on the world – introducing Right Coast Vodka Whips.