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May 13 2019

Do It For The Agri-Culture

Decades from now, we’ll tell our grandchildren tales of our swashbuckling glory days in Maryland craft beer. We’ll sing the names of “Willamette,” “Sorachi Ace," and “Vojvodina,” ancient deities, pillars in our mythos, like mighty Zeus himself. And all of our stories will hit their crescendos in the year 2019.

For two years, we toiled in the fields of Keedysville. We raised our fickle hop vines, scrambling to repel the dangers of Maryland’s extreme heat, rain, bugs, and disease. Seriously. 2018 went all Old Testament on our asses. 

We’ll look back on 2019 as the year we cracked the proverbial code, the year we safely navigated the Forest Of Shapeshifting Aromas, the year we finally filled our goblets with THE DRINK OF THE GODS.*

Yes, the next chapter in our epic begins this year, and we’ll need an army of compatriots to march with us into the frontier. 

Your Financial Aid Donation Package will contain all the gear you need:

Body Armor**


Goblet Of The Gods****

Holy Scriptures*****

A portion of the proceeds from this pack will be donated to our joint hop research with the University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


Welcome to the revolution.


*Field Notes Pale Ale

**UMD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Hat

***Maryland Hop Research Tee

****Flying Dog x UMD AGNR Pint Glass

*****Maryland Hop Growers Guide