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May 14 2018

God of Thunder(peel) and Rock and Roll

Influence. It’s the reason your mom cared so much about which friends you hung out with after school. It’s allowed people of average talent to make a living on Instagram. It’s also the reason your favorite music sounds the way it does.

Garth Brooks learned how to put on a kickass concert because he listened to a lot of KISS. Sonny John Moore wouldn’t be Skrillex without Nine Inch Nails, and if you think you like A$AP Rocky, you should really listen to Cam’ron.

The right song + the right artist + the perfect mood = your new favorite album. The formula is simple.

Let’s apply it to Thunderpeel, our Unfiltered IPA bomb of Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic:

The hops are Kanye West, the yeast is Daft Punk’s Discovery, fermentation is...OK, we’re not going to try to decode Kanye’s psyche, but you get the idea.  

A dry hop during fermentation allows the hops to interact with the yeast, which can create different aroma and flavor profiles than what we would see in those same hops with a traditional dry hop and filtration.

And those beautiful hop aromas and flavors will degrade over time, so post it on Insta, drink, and repeat until it’s gone, baby, gone. This one’s not for cellaring.

Thunderpeel is available exclusively in 16-oz 4-pack cans in our tasting room this Saturday, May 19 at noon.