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Jul 2 2010

The decline and decline of "Rolling Stone" magazine.

Kudos, congratulations, and bravo to Anita Thompson for her Huffington Post article calling out Rolling Stone magazine for employing cheap tabloid tricks to manufacture the "non-news" that brought down the human and imperfect, but honorable, effective, and highly-decorated General McChrystal.  The dishonor all goes to Rolling Stone. 

Anita Thompson is without question "in the know" when it comes to the decades-long decline of the Rolling Stone magazine that journalistic greats such as Hunter S. Thompson and P.J. O'Rourke long ago cut their ties to.

Without a doubt Anita will be criticized by some or many who are going to believe what they want to believe about Rolling Stone.  At the same time, Anita is more highly regarded than ever by her Gonzo family that extends far and wide, and she will most certainly attract new admirers by speaking out against unethical journalistic behavior.

Click here for Anita Thompson's Huffington Post article.

Shine on, Anita!!

Jim Caruso