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Apr 5 2019

But The Women Keep The Tempo

March 8th has quickly become an incredibly important and eventful day for us here at the brewery. Yes, it’s International Women’s Day, but, in the craft beer community, it’s also Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day. Women from all over the globe get together, build each other up, and brew some delicious beer.

For Tenacious V, our day started bright and early with a yoga class led by our quality assurance manager and consisted of so much more than just boiling wort and adding hops. On top of making beer, we curated an entire day of educational activities and workshops designed around the unique group of women employed by the brewery.


Which brings us to the main point of this project (and of this post):

The women of Flying Dog.


Over 30 of us work here, across every department and at every level of the company, and Tenacious V, a beer conceived, produced and promoted by a 100%-female cast, gives us the perfect opportunity to highlight just how important these women are to the daily function of this place. A woman has played a part in everything you’ve tasted, touched, worn, seen, read, or attended from Flying Dog:

If you’ve ever purchased our beer outside of our brewery, you should probably thank a woman. If you like the way your beer tastes, thank the women who run our lab. If you enjoyed your visit to our tasting room or our tap houses at BWI and Oriole Park at Camden Yards, thank the woman who worked her ass off to bring you that experience. Had a great time at one of our events? A woman did that. Love your kick-ass Flying Dog merchandise? A woman runs that shit. Love our packaging, posters, or photography? Yep. Chances are great that those came from a woman, too. And yes, if you’re reading this blog post, these are the words of another woman from Flying Dog.

And, on Friday, April 19th, these women are throwing a party for the ages. In addition to releasing this year’s Pink Boots brew, Tenacious V IPL, we’ll showcase some of the kickass women-owned businesses from our community, listen to some awesome live music, and chow down on some yummy food.

The highlight of the evening will be our VIP Hour, which will feature a women-only panel from leaders in the Maryland brewing industry. Speakers will include:

Emily Bobotas, Quality Assurance Manager from Flying Dog Brewery

Sarah Healey, Marketing Manager at Milkhouse Brewery

Hollie Stephensen from Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore

Bailey O’Leary from True Respite Brewery

VIP tickets are only $25, and they include a 32oz  limited-edition Tenacious V crowler, custom Flying Dog pink bandana, and your first beer.


To hear more from the fine females of Flying Dog, listen to the Women In Craft Brewing episode of Head Retention (a podcast which is also produced by a woman).

About Pink Boots Society:

The Pink Boots Society was created to assist, inspire and encourage women beer industry professionals to advance their careers through education. The organization has two goals: 1. Support PBS members to advance their beer careers through education and 2. Teach women beer professionals the judging skills necessary to become beer judges at the GABF and other competitions.