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Oct 2 2017

The Tag Team Champions of the World

The Bushwhackers? The British Bulldogs? The Road Warriors? While all iconic, none of these duos could hope to take on the one-two punch of our newest releases, Idaho 7 Single Hop Imperial IPA and Thunderpeel New England IPA. Let's break down the stats:


Like the name states, this is a variety that originated on a small test plot in Idaho.  Hop ‘test plots’ start out small, and expand each year as more plants can be planted from the original stock.  This process can take up to 7 years.  This has nothing to do with the 7 in the name Idaho 7, just a coincidence. As with the entire roster of our Single Hop Imperial IPA releases, this bad boy uses the same grain bill and yeast profile you are accustomed to coming in at the 8.0% ABV you've come to love. So what does the Idaho 7 hop bring to the table? How about a combination of tropical and citrus fruit notes (notably apricot, orange, papaya, grapefruit), complimented by big notes of resiny pine. Totally worth the wait. Get your grubby little mitts all over Idaho 7 when it hits shelves beginning Monday, October 9.


Because what else do you call a juicy, citrusy New England IPA that gives off a green hoppy aroma with notes of mango? Exactly. Between that description and the manageable 6.2% ABV we don't anticipate any of these cans making it far from the point of purchase.  This extremely-limited release will only be available at the Baltimore Craft Beer Festival on Saturday, October 7 and at the brewery on Sunday, October 8.

Get in the ring with these two if you dare. You won't go home with a belt, but it'll be the beat down of a lifetime you can one day tell your grandkids about.