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Feb 6 2016

Super Bowl Treats - General Tso's Chicken Wings

SB recipe - General Tso

Are you the new kid on the block? We have spent the week posting DIY recipes from Chef Niko of Roasthouse Pub that we are confident you can make and be proud to show your mom the results. The recipes are made with, and pair with Flying Dog. Download all of our Super Bowl Recipes

Our sixth and final Super Bowl recipe, Roasthouse General Tso's Wings, is the ultimate game changer. These pocket sized meat sticks pack some serious flavor and they only get better when you wash them down with a Bloodline Blood Orange Ale. Do yourself a favor, make this recipe or get it in the hands of someone you trust who can cook and be incredibly nice to them.

Watch this video so you can claim you are an expert.

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

Now that you are an expert, head to the kitchen and change some lives.

If you have set fire to the last three kitchens you cooked in, we still have you covered. Chef Niko will whip this up just for you. Stop in to the Roasthouse Pub on Sunday and order this treat off the specials menu.

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