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Jul 9 2018

One time, she punched me in the face. It was awesome.

"Why are you so obsessed with me?"
– Hops

When it comes to hop exploration, we don’t really have what some would refer to as “self-restraint.” It's a projection-room-above-the-auditorium level fixation. Our Alpha Initiative series has led us so far down the rabbit hole that we’ve forgotten what daylight looks like, and Pilot #03 just locked the door behind us.

You see, we’re trying to make hop oils happen.

We’ve deconstructed some of our favorite hop varieties, isolating specific essential oils and mixing those flavors and aromas until they’re perfect. We take this stuff seriously, but we’re not as hardcore as Jelly Belly (they vaporize stuff so they can study its chemical makeup)...and we also didn’t invent the shittiest candy ever.

And when we talk about Alpha Initiative Pilot #03’s apricot, peach and stone fruit profile, we’re not bullshitting you like Lady Gaga’s Eau de bodily fluids. However, we cannot 100% guarantee the absence of brewmaster Ben Clark’s blood.*

Around here, we’re big proponents of the “fuck it, let’s try it” doctrine (or “YOLO” if you’re a cool mom), so #03 is far from the final hop frontier. As far as we’re concerned, the limit does not exist.

This experimental IPA is as delicate as it is delicious, so we've adjusted its date code accordingly. That means you've got about 90 days to stop by our tasting room or fire up the Beer Finder


*We can.