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Jun 25 2010

Now It's Even Easier to "Find Our Beer"

Chances are you have wasted hours of your life trying to find your car keys. You know the drill: Anger, cursing, and irritation of the highest order (especially when you discover them in the most obvious place).

The misplaced cell phone is another beast: Anxiety and fear quickly followed by panic. (That’s right. You didn’t need insurance on that fancy new smart phone.)

Similar emotions can be felt when you can’t find Flying Dog beer. But not anymore:

Introducing the new “Find Our Beer” feature on our website*.

Now, whether you are in Plano, Texas or Peabody, Massachusetts, it will only take seconds to locate your favorite Flying Dog brews at the location nearest you. All you need is your zip code.

* Flying Dog Brewery apologizes in advance if making it easier to find our beer results in more lost keys and misplaced cell phones.