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Jun 2 2017

Next in Sub Rosa: Negroni IPA

The beers selected for our Sub Rosa series are pitched in tandem with Brewhouse Rarities at our annual mountain retreat. Only the most innovative and challenging concepts are chosen to allow our brewers to work with new ingredients, try new techniques and go outside of their comfort zone on our 15-barrel pilot brewery.

Next up is Negroni IPA, with a one-day-only release on Saturday, June 17. Only 50 cases of 16-oz cans (sold in four-packs) will be available exclusively in our tasting room. These sell out quick, so the only way to guarantee you get some is by signing up for the VIP tasting. That includes a four-pack and tasting with the brains behind the beer 45 minutes before the tasting room opens. Otherwise, doors open to the general public at noon. 

Now, back to the topic at hand...what the hell is a negroni? 

As the story goes, the drink’s namesake, Count Camillo Negroni, was posted up at Caffe Casoni in Florence when he asked barista Forsco Scarselli to amp up his Americano (Campari, vermouth and soda water). Forsco was not your average green apron-donning, unicorn frappucino-making barista. He had a grip on the hard stuff and swapped the soda water with gin. [Insert praise hands emoji here.]

Our Negroni IPA was developed by Brian, our regional sales manager, and Erin, our director of communications. Alongside our Brewmaster Ben Clark, they crafted a Red IPA to mimic the drink and make their favorite count proud. We'll let them explain: 

How did you come up with the concept for Negroni IPA?

Erin and Brian: This is a story about a guy and a girl on a work trip in the most magical city on earth: New York. Over lunch on the rooftop of Eataly, she ordered a Campari spritz and he ordered a Negroni. From that point on, the conversation was dominated by their shared love of Campari (a bitter orange Italian liquor) and Negronis. A few more cocktails may have been ordered and a discussion of how the flavor profile of each would work perfectly in an IPA may have ensued.

How did you recreate the flavors of the beverage?

Erin and Brian: A classic Italian Negroni is Campari, gin and sweet vermouth and garnished with an orange peel. To mimic the botanical gin and bitter orange notes, this beer was brewed with juniper berries, orange peel and resinous hops.

How do you recommend people enjoy this beer?

Erin and Brian: Remember that time Donald Duck took Daisy Duck on a romantic gondola ride down the waterways of Venice? No matter where you are when you’re drinking this beer, it will make you feel like you’re right there next to her – being wooed by the romantic gesture and charming speech impediment.  

What was the most interesting part of the process?

Erin and Brian: Campari is an electric orange color that is indistinguishable, so we wanted to not only mimic the flavor of the cocktail, but also the color. We brewed with beets for both color and a delicate earthiness that compliments the overall profile of the beer. We also drank negronis with our Brewmaster Ben Clark during the recipe development meeting and that did not suck.

What sensations will our mouths feel when they meet Negroni IPA?

Erin and Brian: If you love negronis, this beer is a game changer. If you’ve never had a negroni in your life, welcome friend.

Register now for the VIP tasting with Brian and Erin on Saturday, June 17.Then, mark your calendar for the rest of our 2017 Sub Rosa releases: 

  • Apricot Sour: August 12
  • Mustard IPA: October 7
  • Smoked Sour Wheat: December 16

*All guests must be 21 and over. Due to limited availability, VIP Access is non-refundable. All sales are limited to one four-pack per person.