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Feb 29 2016

Leap Day - An Extra Day To Drink Beer


The next beer Sub Rosa Series of tasting room-exclusive releases is an Aronia Berry Belgian Blonde Ale. Like the Orchard Ale that came before it, this is another collaboration with the crew at Distillery Lane Ciderworks who grew and pressed the aronia berries used in this unique creation. 

Have no idea what an aronia berry is? You're not alone. The aronia berry packs a one-two punch of tart cranberry and pomegranate with rich earthiness. The pucker factor is strong with these guys, which is why they're also known as chokeberries. 

Always up for our challenge (and a clever nickname), our brewers loved the idea of working with such a distinct flavor profile. The sweet, yet crisp and clean, malt of a traditional Belgian Blonde perfectly balances out the tartness. Aronia berries are deep purple in color, which resulted in a gorgeous ruby red body and a frothy pink head. 

As with all of our Sub Rosa releases, the Aronia Berry Belgian Blonde Ale is available exclusively in our tasting room. It premieres this Friday, and will only be available for a limited time. Until then, get up close and personal with our Sub Rosa series: