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May 9 2016

It Takes Two: Berliner Weisse and Ancho Lime Paradise Lager


Some people measure time by the seasons, some by the calendar, some by semesters. We measure time in Brewhouse Rarities releases and we are already on our fourth of the year.

Berliner Weisse was pitched by Little Michael, a faithful member of the tribe and student of historic beer styles. When combined with his love for hiking, the low ABV (4.2%) and refreshing citrus character of a traditional German Berliner Weiss was a perfect fit. Never ones to back down, the entire brew team was up for the challenge of crafting the traditional lemon tartness. German is what German does, so we will also have traditional raspberry, peach and woodruff syrups on hand in the tasting room to add additional character to this unique style. 

Our second Heat Series release, Ancho Lime Paradise Lager, was born from the idea that a heat beer can be subtle and approachable. Anchos are dried poblano peppers which originated in Puebla, Mexico. (You probably remember that town from your Cinco De Mayo history lesson in 3rd grade.) When the earthy ancho is mixed with lime and corn, the result is a brilliantly clear, light straw body (if it only had a brain), and a pure white head. Once it hits your lips, the pepper's heat will lead the charge with a lime and sweet corn spice following for a flavor profile that immediately has you reaching for more. We recommend spicy fish tacos with cilantro and tacos. 

Be a part of the action in our tasting room on Friday, May 13 from 3 to 8 pm. If you don't leave the house on Friday the 13th, check our Beer Finder for availability near you after both beers hit the market on May 16.