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Mar 1 2016

Higher Beer Education


We may never send a team to the Final Four or have a fancy quad...or gymnasium...for streaking, but here at Flying Dog University, our curriculum revolves around beer. 

Our faculty is always looking for new ways to connect our love of beer to the world around us through our elective program. On Thursday, March 24, join us for an elective on Beer & Charcuterie and explore Flying Dog beer paired with artisanal charcuterie, a classic combination that few meat lovers can resist.

We're bringing the experts from Meatcrafters for a class that will teach you how some of the best salamis and sausages are made while drawing parallels to the brewing process. The class will conclude with a guided beer and cured meat pairing. Spots are limited, so register now.

Want more? Join us this spring for our core curriculum, which is a three-week exploration of how beer is made, how we experience beer and how beer interacts with food: 

  • Beer 101: Craft Beer Basics A rigorous exploration of the history of beer, the brewing process and the four ingredients in beer. Register now for Beer 101 on:
  • Beer 201: Advanced Brewing Techniques An in-depth look at how advanced brewing processes, like dry hopping and using unique ingredients, affect the end beer. Register now for Beer 201 on:
  • Beer 301: Beer and Food– A breakdown of how beer interacts with food by comparing beer and wine and reviewing tips on pairing beer with food, storing and aging beer and cooking with beer. Register now for Beer 301 on: