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Sep 2 2016

Hey Kid, Want a Piece of Candy?

Pumpkin Beer-5

If you're on that complaining-about-pumpkin-flavored-everything bandwagon, enjoy that ride. And no need to read any further.

Now that those guys are gone, we'd like to introduce you to our newest collaboration: A 72% dark chocolate bar with sea salt & PUMPKIN IPA. That's right, those beautiful Count Choculas over at Salazon Chocolate Co. share our obsession with The Gourd Standard Pumpkin IPA. The bar is made with German nobel hops and the custom pumpkin spice blend we use in the beer. Plus, Salazon Chocolate's notorious sea salt is infused with the beer itself. 

Hear us talk more about it here:


Before you #RaiseTheBar, peruse our FAQs: 

Is this chocolate considered to be an aphrodisiac?
According to the tests we ran at the brewery, yes. According to science, probably not.

I'm allergic to hops, should I avoid this?
You poor son of a bitch. Yes, you should avoid this delicacy.

Where can I get it?
Stop by the brewery, The Market Tavern in Sykesville or anyone one of these fine retail locations. If you prefer to shop from the comfort of your favorite chair, you can also order it the old fashioned way, on the interwebs.