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Jan 24 2011

"Heel, you animal!"

A thousand thanks to MAXIM  Maxim Feb 2010  for the awesome "shout-out" about Doggie Style Pale Ale in the February 2011 issue!

"LADIES' NIGHT:  Ordering a beer for her?  Earn points with something other than Chardonnay for a change.

Doggie Style Pale Ale  Doggie Style from Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD.  Of course a beer called 'Doggie Style' is 'dry-hopped.'  And of course your date will love its caramel taste.  And of course you're going to try some dry-hopping of your own later.  Heel, you animal!"
Doggie Style was also recently honored as the #1 Pale Ale in America by none other than the New York Times Doggie Style NYT.

Cheers to Maxim, The New York Times, our beloved Ralph Steadman, and Matt Brophy and his team of brewing geniuses.

Oh yeah, and Doggie Style Pale Ale, Flying Dog's original beer, turns 21 this year.  We knew that bad-ass little pup was destined for greatness when it scored a medal as a 1-year-old at the Great American Beer Festival back in 1991!

Party on!

Jim Caruso