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Dec 3 2012

A Different Kind of Green Beer

As craft brewers, we are always looking to innovate; whether it be through a our recipes, production processes, or new technologies. And as a Washington, DC-area business, we strive to build relationships with like-minded organizations in the surrounding community. 

Pardon the use of corporate-speak terms like "innovate" and "strive." We just can't help it when each of those two things come together in one project. 

We announced today that we're partnering up with The George Washington University's Clean Energy Team on an energy efficiency and on-site renewable energy feasibility study. The team is comprised of 10 MBA students who are going to research and evaluate potential technology, software, and operational changes that could lower energy consumption at our brewery. 

The study will focus on the following areas:

  • Electricity and natural gas bill analysis, forecasting, and benchmark reporting against similar manufacturers
  • Cogeneration analysis to capitalize on repeated heating and cooling operations that are already used in the brewing process
  • Reduction of peak energy demand
  • Evaluation of on-site renewable energy like solar, wind, and anaerobic digester technologies
We'll be working with the team over the next 3 months and they will present their findings in March 2013.