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Sep 11 2012

Day Three: DRINK Local

There is art, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and creative expression in all of you, but the world wants you to fit in.

Will you stand out or fit in? 


For us, every step -- large or small -- in the brewing process is art. And we've learned that embracing the fear that comes with standing out is what being true artists is all about. 

So during our Support Local Week, and as our spotlights on local creativity come to a close, we ask you to DRINK Local.

There were 1,940 operational craft breweries in the United States in 2011 -- a figure that's only growing. Craft brewers currently provide over 100,000 jobs in the U.S., including serving staff in brewpubs. Craft breweries are independently-owned, innovative, and in it together. 

And we are all artists.

Go to to find the local craft brewery near you