You’ll only get these at the brewery. Come on down and have a taste while you can. Growler and crowler fills are limited. GET DIRECTIONS HERE.

Cease & Desist Schwarzbier


We teamed up with DC101 and the beer-loving and (for some reason) DC United-obsessed Roche, to bring you Cease and Desist Schwarzbier. German for “black beer,” this Schwarzbier is a light-bodied, crisp and refreshing lager that has a malty sweet backbone with roast, toast and subtle smoke.

Pantalones Turbio


In late August, Aran Leon, the co-founder of the Spanish brewery, La Pirata, flew from Barcelona to Frederick to brew a collab on this side of the pond. This is a Hazy Pale Ale fermented with a yeast strain that gives off big tropical notes. We've also added an enzyme to dry out the finish and take the remaining sugars to near 0 plato. This long-distance friendship is rooted in passion for high-quality, great-tasting beer and our love of funny-sounding Spanish beer names.