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Jul 7 2010

Why Raging Bitch is the Best Beer for Carrie Nation

In Patrick's Irish Pub, located in downtown Frederick, MD, there's a little sign on the bar that reads, "All Nations Welcome But Carrie."

That sign is referring to Carrie Nation, the infamous member of the "temperance movement," a group that opposed (that's right, opposed) alcohol in pre-Prohibition America.

Carrie, who was notorious for attacking bars with a hatchet (yes, a hatchet), once described herself as "a bulldog running along at the feet of Jesus, barking at what He doesn't like." If you want to learn more about this bulldog, check out the Wikipedia article on Carrie.

About 120 years later, Flying Dog releases Raging Bitch. And we think it's the perfect beer for Carrie. But we want you to tell us why.

In the Frederick area? Come to Patrick's on Thursday, July 7 at 8 pm. Our Frederick-area market manager Abby Casarella will buy your first pint if she likes your answer.

Can't make it to Patrick's? Tell us on our Facebook page. The only rule is that you must preface your response with "Raging Bitch is the perfect beer for Carrie Nation because..." Just like 6th grade English. And kind of like Jeopardy. But in this case, you're Alex fucking Trebek.

On Monday, July 12 we'll pick a few winners. Ladies will receive our new Raging Bitch Pride Tee. Gents, you'll get our new Raging Bitch Pimp Hand Tee.