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Sep 3 2010

We are a curious bunch

We see what our knowledge tells us we're seeing.

What we believe the world to be, and how we react to that belief in everything we do depends on what we know, and when that knowledge changes, for us our world changes. 

We are all the result of what we know today.  What we knew yesterday was different and so were we.  We were different because what we knew yesterday was different from what we know today.

Every time our knowledge changes and with it our view of the world, something is also created within us that helps make us the way we are in today's world.  What we are changes because what we know changes.  The more open we are to changing our beliefs about our changing world, the more likely we are to continue to be relevant and to be able to make a difference in the world.

What we know changes and continues to change because we are curious and we don't let fear and anxiety hold us back from seeing the world the way it is and not the way it used to be or wish it to be.

Your friend,

Jim Caruso