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Jul 10 2012


I stopped by my local indie grocery store to pick up some lunch and I noticed the cashier's tattoo - the Roman numerals VII  II  III  IV  (7234 in case your knowledge of Roman numerals is a little rusty).  I couldn't help but ask her what the significance of that number was. 

She said it was the number of the first apartment she rented when she got out of college and that she and her roommate got the same tattoo.  She started to tell me more about it, but she didn't need to.  I got it.

That first step into adulthood is a defining moment.  You remember it.  Just like you remember where you were on 9/11.  And it can occur at any age.  It's a choice you make.  The minute you choose to flip the switch into adulthood it happens.   

The young cashier was way ahead of me.  I didn't become an adult until long after I was out of college, but I remember the moment I chose to be an adult.  My life after making that choice has been distinctly better than the life I lived before doing so.

Your friend,

Jim Caruso