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Apr 30 2016

Uno De Mayo: A Celebration for the Crafty










While you spent the last three months mastering Fallout 4 and promising to get started on that 'honey-do' list, we've been prepping for your new favorite holiday: UNO DE MAYO.

What makes an Uno de Mayo celebration different than your average Cinco de Mayo soiree?

  1. It's on May 1, not May 5.
  2. BEER MARGARITAS and BEER MICHELADAS made with the one and only Numero Uno Agave Cerveza, a craft beer alternative to those mass-produced, south-of-the-border lagers.

Optional elements include going nuts at Party City, unreasonable taco consumption and a siesta whenever you goddamn please. 

Click the recipe images above for high-resolution files you can save...or print and stick on the fridge for reference. Now, we're sitting back and waiting for Barry O to return our call on making this thing official. Olé, indeed.