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Apr 23 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Leave our Holiday 4/20 Party

For some reason, people kept leaving during our Holiday 4/20 party to go out to their cars. They'd be in the parking lot for no more than 5 minutes and then return. They would come back in walking slower, talking slower, and reacting to life in general slower than when they exited. 

Baffled by this behavior, we began asking people why they kept leaving. Their responses provided little insight, so we figured our deductive reasoning would be at its best if we compiled a top ten list of responses, Letterman-style. So here goes: 

Top Ten Reasons People Kept Leaving our Holiday 4/20 Party to Go to Their Cars Only to Return 5 Minutes Later...

10. "I had to check on something." 

9. "I was grabbing a jacket." (It was 75 degrees and sunny.)

8. "I forgot my shoes." (He had, in fact, forgotten his shoes.) 

7. "My friend wanted to borrow a CD." (But neither he nor his friend had a Discman in hand.)

6. "I thought it would be good to get my umbrella." (Again, 75 degrees and sunny. And she didn't return with said umbrella.)

5. "I needed to get tightened" 

4. "Oh, dude, did I just leave?" (Yes. Yes, you did.)

3. "I was afraid my cat followed me here." 

2. No response. Just a red-eyed zombie staring right through us.

1. "We were just doing stuff." 

Oh, "stuff." Glad that last one cleared it up for us. 

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