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Nov 4 2010

The New Laziness

The old laziness used to be that I would not feel like carrying two 80-pound packs of roofing shingles (one on each shoulder) three stories up a ladder that sagged under the combined weight of the shingles and me in 90-degree heat.

The old laziness was wanting to avoid the pain of loading and unloading 165-pound kegs of beer.

You get the idea.  The old laziness was avoiding physically hard, painful work.

The world today, however, is more about innovation, resourcefulness, and new ideas than it is about physical labor. 

Today's laziness is about avoiding mentally hard work.  The kind of work that can be emotionally challenging.

That is good news because even if I wanted to I couldn't carry 160 pounds of roofing shingles or 165-pound beer kegs around all day.  But I can discipline myself to get over the fear of having new ideas and sharing them with the world knowing that I'll often be criticized.

Thank you friend and author, Seth Godin, for being the inspiration for this blog post and in countless other ways over the years. 

Your friend,

Jim Caruso