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Aug 16 2012

The Long Haul

Your work, whether it be as an entrepreneur, an artist, getting in shape, brewing remarkable beers, building a relationship with the one you love - anything of value to you, whatever it is that's important to you - is always about the long haul.   

Your work is a practice, a journey.  Quoting Steven Pressfield in his book "Turning Pro", "one bad day is nothing to us.  Ten bad days are nothing.  In the scheme of our lifelong practice, twenty-four hours when we can't gain yardage is only a speed bump.  We'll forget it by breakfast tomorrow and be back again, ready to hurl our bodies into the fray."

If you're the type of person trying to achieve anything meaningful in your life, personally or professionally, and you read one book this summer, one book this year, I recommend that it be Turning Pro.  An easy but powerful read that has changed the lives of several people I know.

On a personal note, it has been a magical summer.  I love you, Anita Thompson

Ever upward!

Jim Caruso