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Jun 13 2010


The GONZO FOUNDATION is going to make a dent in the world!!

Anita Thompson graciously hosted a rockin' event at her Owl Farm home yesterday, then after all the very happy guests had gone home, Anita popped open a couple of cans of Red Bull and we got to work on the launch of the Gonzo Foundation.  As you know, Anita is not only my friend, but also the remarkable Executive Director of the Gonzo Foundation and I serve on its Board.

We decided what to do for this summer's kick-off event for the Foundation. Yeeha!  However, since Anita & I are strictly bound by a mutual "no-leak" policy, I can't share any details right now.  I can tell you that by the end of next week we'll have the questions answered that we need answered, and that Anita will be making a public announcement shortly thereafter.

The Foundation's overarching purpose is to honor the genius of Hunter S. Thompson with the focus being on journalism, literature, and political activism.  There will be a lot of buzz around the Gonzo Foundation after this summer's kick-off event, and going forward the Gonzo Foundation will head into uncharted directions, one step at a time, building on the legacy of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

I encourage you to "buy the ticket" for this summer's event (literally!) and "take the ride" with the Gonzo Foundation on what is sure to be a very twisted path.

All the best!

Jim Caruso