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Nov 24 2021

Thanksgiving Beer Pairings


This Thanksgiving, you’re in charge of the beer. Which is good. The closest you’ve come to preparing a turkey is watching videos of deep fryer accidents on YouTube. The last time you baked a pie the local fire department was heavily involved. Mom won’t let you mash the potatoes because “you always do it wrong, sweetie.” Beer, though? Beer you can handle. And Flying Dog has all the beers you need to make this holiday a memorable one. 

SNOWPLOWED. Our variety pack has something for everyone at the table. And Uncle Randy, who is currently in the garage chain smoking with the determination of an Olympic athlete. 

  • BLAZK HAZY IPA. This one’s for Dad. He’s never been an IPA fan, but there’s never been an IPA quite like this one. He had to go to three different supermarkets looking for cranberry sauce last night and came home with one dented can and a thousand-yard stare. He deserves something nice.
  • APRICOT SOUR. Aunt Bev always brings a fruitcake to winter gatherings. What it lacks in edibility it more than makes up for in density. The sheer gravity of the thing is a marvel of engineering. If it was a planet a moon would orbit it. Show your appreciation for her craft with our craft, a fruited sour that takes the dried apricot to places Bev can only dream of.
  • PEPPERMINT BARK STOUT. Mom still pulls together the entire meal. Her mom did it, and her grandma did it, and her great-grandma did it, and her great-great-grandma, well, she was apparently the Kaiser’s mistress during World War One and nobody really wants to talk about it and it’s why your family had to change its last name. Anyway, Mom pulled an all-nighter to get everything ready and she’s the one who should have a Wikipedia page, not great-great-grandma Lisel. This decadent dessert stout shows you care.​
  • CINNAMON PECAN BLONDE. You. This one’s all yours. A dessert beer that’s also crisp, dry, and crushable. You supported the American economy and an independent craft brewer. We don’t like to use the word “hero” but in this case it’s absolutely true. Especially if you bought two variety packs.

FREEZIN SEASON. This winter ale is the perfect beer for your brother, who is home from a state college where his beer of choice is “available” and his grades are “don’t tell Mom and Dad.” Treat him to something that isn’t sold in a 30 pack.

FAMILY DRAMA. Uncle Frank is here today! No one invited him, and he’s not making a secret about how much he resents that! Still, he’s family. If you can get him to quit talking about his sciatica for five goddamn seconds, plug his mouthhole with this beauty of an imperial pilsner.