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Feb 2 2016

Super Bowl Treats - Roasthouse Jerk Chicken Tacos

SB recipe - Jerk Chicken Tacos

Previously on the Flying Dog Super Bowl Recipe Blog Post: We have teamed up with Chef Niko of The Roasthouse Pub to put together six recipes we are confident you can create at home. The recipes are made with, and pair with Flying Dog, so plan to pick up extra beer when you are at the store this week so you can sip while you stir. 

As we continue our countdown to the big game, we are excited to release recipe #2, Roasthouse Jerk Chicken Tacos. We guarantee if you bring this to the party, people will be talking about your cooking long after the water cooler discussions of the commercials subside.

We recommend starting with the video accompaniment below which shows some of the techniques used in preparing the dish while also making you salivate.

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

Now it's your turn. Follow the recipe, avoid the Pinterest fail and Feel free to send us photos of your final creation as well.

Are you too lazy to cook this yourself? Are you confident you can't even make a bowl of cereal? We still have you covered. Chef Niko will make a batch just for you. Stop in to the Roasthouse Pub on Sunday and order this treat off the specials menu.

You can also find Roasthouse Pub on Facebook and Twitter.

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