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Nov 21 2012

St. EADman Belgian Dark Ale Available Now

"Don't draw, Ralph. It's a filthy habit." - Hunter S. Thompson 

It's a filthy habit indeed, our dear Ralph, filled with scamps, tramps, and sick and twisted souls. But we love you for it. 

Just like the man it honors, St. EADman Belgian Dark Ale is complex and unpredictable. Bright fruity esters of pears and strawberries blend with caramel malt character and brown fruit notes of cherry and plum. Your first sip embraces you with alcoholic warmth and the dry finish leaves you wanting more.

Just in time for your holiday libationary needs, St. EADman is available now on draft and in hand-packaged 750 ml bottles. Check our Beer Finder to see if it's near you