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Feb 13 2011

Small, boring promises & Evil Plans

I was in a several-hour-long meeting last week and on a dry-erase board across from me someone had written:

"Under-promise, over-deliver."

Bad strategy.

Under-promising usually leads to making a lot of small, boring, safe promises, and over-delivering on those sorts of promises rarely, if ever, leads to anything great or even out of the ordinary.

Make fewer promises, but make them BIG promises and obsess, truly obsess, with over-delivering on them.  You will not only achieve greatness from time-to-time by doing so, but occasionally you may even achieve something that is Totally Fucking Amazing! 

Totally Fucking Amazing

Thank you, Hugh MacLeod, for some of my favorite art.  If you're looking for some inspiration to help you shatter the status quo you may want to check out Hugh's new book, Evil Plans, that is out this week.

Kriek on!

Jim Caruso