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Jan 21 2011

Sleeping Dogs

That's what health clubs call members who join, pay monthly dues, but never go to the club.   Too funny.

If everyone who joined a health club actually went everyday, then the club would be so packed you'd never be able to get through a workout.  Or, the club would have to be huge.  Or, the club would have to triple or quadruple its dues so as to reduce the number of members.

And, there wouldn't be so much extra value in having great abs because everyone would have them.  Scarcity is what creates real value.

Everyone loves the concept of being in great shape but few have the discipline to get to that level. 

Many businesses are based on this model of the many subsidizing the few and they count on having many non-users.

It's hard to stick with anything and master it, but it's SO worth it! 

All the best,

Jim Caruso