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Jun 9 2017


One of the highlights of a trip to our tasting room includes a good blend from one of our beer stewards, a concept that originated from our brewing team, led by brewmaster Ben Clark. While most brewmasters couldn't fathom anyone deviating from their recipe, the mad scientists in our brewhouse have had the green light to get weirrd blending our beers for years. During that time, this team of beer mavericks have given us some life-changing combinations of our beers you know and love. These greatest hits are now showcased in our newest variety pack, Blenders.

Allow us to introduce the three best friends that anyone could have.

Raging St. EADman Abbey IPA

What happens when you take our Belgian-Style IPA and combine it with our newest year-round Abbey Ale? We read through more than 171,000 words in the dictionary and Nirvana was the closest match we could find. This portmanteau of perfection comes in at 8.5% ABV and is filled with all the Belgian goodness you have come to know and love, dark fruits, spicy Belgian yeast, and tropical fruit notes. Its deep mahogany color was colormatched to Ron Burgandy’s library because we want nothing more in life than for you to stay classy.

True Blood Blood Orange IPA

Two rights make a hell yes. Our expertly-hopped Imperial IPA, The Truth, mixed with the always-right Bloodline Blood Orange IPA is a recipe for true love. To all you "Bloody Truth" fans, call it whatever you like, just don’t call it late for happy hour. This blender rounds out at 7.8% ABV with a hop bite full of citrus and tropical fruit that hurts So. Damn. Good.

Uno de Snake Mexican IPA

The third amigo in this holy triumvirate is our take on a Mexican IPA. Uno de Snake is a blend of Numero Uno Agave Cerveza and our aggressively-hopped 20th Anniversary Snake Dog IPA. At 6.6% ABV this mix is a down-right sessionable mashup of Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe hops combined with lime peel. You know the drill, allow the juicy hop blend and citrus to "snake down your throat like a faithful friend". Break out your Now! That’s What I Call Mariachi Vol. 3 compact disc, track down a CD player, and let’s get this fiesta started.

The Blenders variety pack will be on shelves in all markets where Flying Dog is sold as early as June 12, but they are only “on-tap” in our tasting room. Unless you keep the good stuff on tap, in which case, TRY THIS AT HOME. Here’s the breakdown of the blends.

  • True Blood: The Truth and Bloodline: 50/50
  • Uno de Snake: Numero Uno and Snake Dog: 20/80
  • Raging St. EADman: Raging Bitch and St. EADman 40/60