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May 23 2010

"Role Models" by John Waters of "Pink Flamingos" Notoriety & Perversity

You can stand out or fit in in life.  You can't do both. 

Baltimore-based director John Waters most definitely STANDS out.

John Waters' 1972 film Pink Flamingos has been called the most notorious cult film ever made due to the plethora of shocking, perverse, and taboo scenes in it.  Pink Flamingos came in at #29 in the UK's ranking of the 50 Films to See Before You Die.  In case your'e wondering, Apocalypse Now came in at #1 in that same ranking.

John Waters tells his life story through the lives of his role models in his new book aptly titled Role Models.  According to Waters, he was always yearning for bad influences. His role models include Tennessee Williams, fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, the wild-and-crazy Little Richard, pornographer David Hurles, and Lady Zorro, Baltimore's legendary lesbian burlesque babe.

So I'm wondering, if I were telling my life story through that of the lives of my role models, who all would I include on that list? 

Your friend,

Jim Caruso