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Jan 16 2013

Brewmaster Playoff Bets Continue with Harpoon and the Patriots

Governors and mayors, you can have your hoisting of other flags and exchanging of local cuisine. We're betting beer. 

Last week, before our Baltimore Ravens took the Denver Broncos to pound town, our brewmaster Matt Brophy made a friendly wager to his friend Adam Avery, of Denver's Avery Brewing Company. If the Ravens won, they had to send us a case of rare, barrel-aged beer. If the Ravens lost, then we'd do the sending.

Clearly -- as anyone with two eyes, two ears, and a remote control knows -- the former didn't happen. (And for the record, we're still waiting to reap the benefits of Peyton Manning's cold weather playoff record.)

This week, Brophy's betting on the birds again. Now, he's challenged Harpoon brewmaster Al Marzi with the same: Ravens win, we get beer. Ravens lose, we send beer. 

Some say the odds aren't in our favor. We'd agree, if the stakes involved coaches who look like they're homeless, pretty boy quarterbacks who hock footwear popular with sorority girls, or plain, old-fashioned cheating. But this is an AFC championship match-up for the ages. And our Ravens are out for revenge.