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Jul 17 2015

Questions About Tomorrow's Summer Sessions Show? We've Got Answers



Tomorrow, Surfer Blood, Sun Club, and The People's Blues of Richmond are performing live on our front lawn. Got tickets? Excellent. Now all you need to do is read through our FAQs...and don't do anything to piss off Mother Nature.

1. Will tickets be available at the door? 

Slackers rejoice. We will have tickets available at the door. But you can also play it extra safe and get yours now via

2. Is the show outside? Will it be held rain or shine?

Yes and yes. Only the stage is covered, but even if there are a few sprinkles, we think you’ll be just fine. There will also be no access to the brewery itself (including our tasting room) and no re-entry into the concert area once you've been admitted. 

3. Is this an all-ages show?

NO. Only those 21 and older with a valid ID will be admitted. That’s the law. And that include babies and small children, even if they’re strapped to your chest and/or attached with a leash. 

4. Are all tickets general admission? 

Yes. All spots are first come, first serve.  

5. Where do I park?

Parking is on our brewery grounds. Attendants will be on-site all day to direct and showcase of an array of neon-colored vests. 

6. Can I bring chairs, blankets, and/or umbrellas?

Due to space constraints and the sake of those around you, we have to say NOPE to chairs. Blankets are fine, but we can't guarantee there will be space for 'em. Same goes for umbrellas.  

7. Is the venue handicap accessible? 

We are ADA compliant, but it's important to know that our tasting room (and related indoor facilities) are closed during the concert. We also have limited seating on our patio. 

8. Is outside food or drink allowed? 

Again, NOPE AND NOPE. The only exception to this is unopened bottles of water. (But if you don't BYOW, we'll have free water stations throughout the area.) Aside from our delicious beers, no other alcoholic beverages can be consumed or served on our brewery grounds by law. Food and other non-alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase from the kick ass food trucks we have lined up: The Green Bowl and The Smoking Swine

9. So, what’s the deal with beer?

All beer is a la carte and available for purchase for $5 each. From specialty casks to House Rules XPA (a tasting-room exclusive), our beer list is a doozy. There is a limit of two beers per person, just like stadiums, per transaction. 

10. Are pets allowed?

NO. Trust us; they will have a much better time sneaking onto your bed and taking a long nap than they will dodging beer bellies and beards.

11. Is photography and video allowed? 

Yes, as long as it is not professional. Amateur photos and footage for fun, shits (for, not of), and giggles are welcomed and encouraged. While you’re at it, share it with your friends and ours on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with #SummerSessions. 

12. I plan on drinking responsibly, but what if I need a cab? Hotel room?

For wheels:

  • Yellow Cab of Frederick: 301-662-2250
  • Taxi Fiesta: 301-663-6300
  • Frederick Taxi: 301-696-0077

For beds (all within 3 miles of the brewery): 

13. Are any other things prohibited? 

Funny you should ask:

  • Smoking
  • Weapons 
  • Illegal substances
  • Party poopers