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Aug 28 2017

Peach, Peach, Cobbler

Once a year every mutt at Flying Dog rises to the occasion, from our yeast propagators to our bean counters, to get their two cents in on what new beers, styles, and ingredients our brewers should be playing with. The winning pitches unite under the umbrella of our Brewhouse Rarities and the latest rarity, Peach Cobbler Ale, was born of a love for crisp, sweet fall beer and things that make you go "Mmmm". The concept, pitched by Kristin who keeps our tasting room running like a well-beer’d human, won the team over with her Vanilla-Ice rendition of “Peach, Peach, Cobbler”. 

If the thought of Vanilla Ice and Peach Cobbler has you in a tizzy, just wait. At the release party on Friday, September 1, when the rest of the world is sitting in traffic cramming in one last vacation before the teachers save us all and take the children back, we will be sucking down Peach-Cobbler-Ale milkshakes courtesy of Rabia from Ruby Scoops who is also making a limited edition peach cobbler ice cream that will be used in the milkshake. If your sweet tooth is still not satisfied, we suggest sticking around for the fresh baked peach cobblers from Catoctin Mountain Orchard. (Heads up, you’re drooling).

Brewed with peaches, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and vanilla beans, Peach Cobbler Ale’s deep orange hue fills the air with hints of peach jam, warm pie spices and pie crust notes from the malt. If the description alone has you wanting another, you’re in luck. This little treat is a manageable 5.9% ABV so  go ahead, have one more slice, we won’t tell a soul.

Track down Peach Cobbler Ale with the most important website you will ever visit, and be sure to join us in the tasting room for the release on Friday, September 1 at 6 PM.