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Jul 1 2010

Party Like It's 1405

My maternal grandparents and my uncle emigrated from Wolia, Russia and came to America through Ellis Island.  

I had a lot of Russian relatives and there were many, many weddings, wakes, graduations, birth celebrations and family dinners to attend when I was growing up.  Great fun.  And, always Vodka.

Vodka originated in what is now Poland and the word Vodka was first recorded in Poland in 1405.

It is likely a diminutive form of voda (water) meaning "little water".

Sobieski is the #1 Premium Vodka in Poland.

Bruce Willis is a partner in it.

I thought you might enjoy the Sobieski Vodka website and the Bruce Willis video clips that are on it.


Or, should I say Nostrovia!

Jim Caruso