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Oct 29 2012

Non-Perishable Pairings for Your Hurricane Hideout

States of Emergency have been declared, but like a good boy scout, you're always prepared with an arsenal of canned goods and craft beer to keep you well fed and hydrated through the storm.

Always thinking with our chef's hats on, we've taken it one step further with the following beer and non-perishable pairings that will turn your hurricane hideout into the culinary center of the universe: 

Tomato paste with Old Scratch Amber Lager

Everyone's favorite canned paste is rich in lycopene, which helps prevent prostate cancer. And pairing this wonder-food with our Amber Lager creates an umami amalgamation of caramel malt and sweet tomato richness. Want to kick it up a notch? Add a sprinkle of tabasco sauce (as long as it doesn't require opening that fridge during a power outage). 

Creamed corn with UnderDog Atlantic Lager 

Having the two of these together, with UnderDog's crisp biscuit malt notes and the complex cream-and-corn combination, literally creates cornbread in your mouth. Ain't nothing wrong with that. 

Tuna with Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale 

This protein powerhouse of a pairing is best served with your favorite "no need to refrigerate until opened" condiment. Mayo, Miracle Whip, pickle relish, even a little BBQ sauce will bring out the best in both the hand-crafted beer and delicately-processed fish product. What to do with said condiment once opened? Warren Buffett once said, "risk comes from not knowing what you're doing." 

Cranberry Sauce paired with K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale 

There are no two sweeter sounds in the English language than the crisp snap of a beer being opened and the half-fart, half-slurp sound of cranberry sauce escaping the confines of the can, yet still retaining its original shape. And the Christmas spice of this year's K-9 Winter Ale combined with sweet cranberry will make you feel like your cozying up next to a fire, even if you're huddled in a damp, dark basement.