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May 9 2012

New Brewhouse Rarities Release: Sour Cherry Ale

"Too weird to live, too rare to die." - Hunter S. Thompson

Crisp, refreshing, and the perfect way to greet summer, Sour Cherry Ale is our latest Brewhouse Rarities release. 

Brewed in the traditional style of a Berliner Weisse, this beer has a delicate malt base that is enhanced through natural acidification in the brewhouse*. The result is a distinctive tartness complemented by the sweetness of real cherries added during fermentation. 

Sour Cherry Ale is a draft only release with limited availability in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and New York City. 

In those areas and want to find it? Email us at Or stalk one of our area sales managers on Twitter. You know they prefer the latter:

* We added lactobacillus to a mash and let it sit for a minimum of 36 hours, which allows it to sour. That mash is then added to the larger mash and is processed like a regular brew. The lactic acid produced from this process gives this beer the tartness you'll feel on your palate. (And for all of you beer geeks who followed the path of this little asterisk to the bottom, well done. Now go have a beer.)