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Oct 31 2013

Maryland Brewers Harvest Beer List

Brewers Harvest poster 2013

Are you sitting down? Because you may need to once you have a look at the beer list for Saturday's Maryland Brewers Harvest at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore. 

Tickets for this can't-miss beer and food event are still available and on sale now

Yours truly: 

  • Secret Stash Harvest Ale (VIP only)
  • The Truth Imperial IPA (VIP only)
  • Brewhouse Rarities Vineyard Blonde
  • Brewhouse Rarities Orchard Ale
  • Natural Selection: Genus Three (our collaboration with Evolution Brewing Company)
  • Single Hop Imperial IPA with Simcoe
  • The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Brewer's Alley:

  • Oatmeal Stout aged in Jack Daniels barrels (VIP only)
  • Gettysburg Wheat (VIP only)
  • Kolsch
  • English IPA
  • Oatmeal Stout 
  • Oh My Gourd Pumpkin Ale

The Brewer's Art:

  • Proletary Ale 
  • St. Festivus Holiday Ale
  • Birdhouse Ale
  • Le Canard Belgian Dark Strong Ale 

Eastern Shore:

  • Scotch Ale on cask with toasted scotch chips (VIP only) 
  • 5-Year Twitch Belgian Ale
  • Back Creek Blonde
  • Tighty Whitey Belgian White
  • Magic Hefeweizen 

Fin City:

  • Sneaky Wheat (VIP only)
  • Jacks Pot Amber 
  • Captain Jack's Pumpkin Ale

Full Tilt:

  • Baltimore Pale Ale
  • Patterson Pumpkin Imperial Pumpkin Ale


  • Freaky Krieky Lambic (VIP only)
  • Your Mom's Apple Pie Ale (VIP only)
  • Chesapeake Old Bay Spiced Ale (VIP only)
  • Angry Russian Imperial Stout (VIP only)
  • Homestead's Maple Pumpkin Porter
  • Single Hop Cascade Pale Ale
  • Hayes' Harvest Rye IPA
  • Satan's Little Helper Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Heavy Seas:

  • Greater Pumpkin Ale
  • Loose Cannon IPA on cask
  • Winter Storm Imperial ESB
  • Peg Leg Stout
  • Powder Monkey Pale Ale

Milkhouse Brewery at Stillpoint Farm:

  • Coppermine Creek Dry Stout on cask
  • Dollyhyde Saison
  • Stillpoint Farm Harvest Pale Ale 


  • Riot Rye Pale Ale on cask (VIP only)
  • Riot Rye Pale Ale
  • XB1C Brown Lager

Peabody Heights:

  • Knuckle Buster IPA
  • Red Cent Amber
  • Fair Shake Pale Ale

Pub Dog:

  • FUBARK Imperial Stout (VIP only)
  • Harvest IPA
  • White IPA
  • Imperial Dog Imperial IPA
  • Hoppy Dog Pale Ale 
  • Grand Marnier Saison 
  • White Dog White Ale


  • Tell Tale IPA on cask with jalapenos (VIP only)
  • Tell Tale IPA dry-hopped with Citra (VIP only)
  • Tell Tale IPA
  • Raven Lager
  • Dopplebock on cask
  • Pendulum Pilsner 


  • Mint Chocolate Stout (VIP only)
  • Black Knight Imperial Stout 
  • Rebel Rye 
  • LeWac Amber Ale
  • Red Ale
  • Milk Stout


  • Blackwing Schwarzbier on cask with local coffee (VIP only)
  • Duckpin Pale Ale
  • Balt Alt
  • Blackwing Schwarzbier
  • Double Duckpin IPA