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May 16 2010

Lizard Lounge

So, it's early evening and I'm walking down W. 54th in NYC after a day with Seth Godin talking about his new book Linchpin.  There was a lot of great discussion about the lizard brain and resistance. Here's a link to the audio of an unscripted riff Seth began the day with.

As I'm walking and thinking about my new big idea, my lizard brain is giving me some trouble.

Then, just as I passed the location of the former world-famous Studio 54 nightclub I see the "Lizard Lounge" and just start laughing. 

Resistance be damned!!!

Thank you, Seth, for your extraordinary generosity in sharing your art with the world. 

Welcome to my new blog,

This first post is dedicated to Anita Thompson. We must only believe in being HUMAN!  We love you, Ralph Steadman.

Cut the leash.  Stand tall, friends.

Jim Caruso 

  Lizard Lounge