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Sep 1 2010

Let's be unrealistic

Let's be as creative as possible.  Let's think BIG.  Let's be dreamers.

"Within reason."

"But let's be realistic."

Those phrases are toxic to the creative process.

Let's think big, be as creative as possible and be dreamers.  Period.

And let's not worry about how a new idea is going to be received by others.  Any new creative idea, if it's worth anything, is going to make others nervous.  It's going to be a hard sell.  There will be resistance.  That's a sure sign that we may be on to something.  Few people will immediately embrace an idea that feels like it's turning their world upside down.

Let's be as "creative as possible" often means being unreasonable and unrealistic and taking the path of most resistance. 

All the best,

Jim Caruso