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Oct 29 2015

It's The Lazy Halloween Costume, Charlie Brown

Procrastinators rejoice; we have taken the legwork out of your Halloween planning this year. With a simple trip to the brewery or our online store, you can nail down this year's costume in no time flat. Sit back and review our top suggestions that are guaranteed to get you in the spirit for some adult trick or treating.

Beer Man

Beer Man*

A timeless classic, this getup is sure to make you a hit wherever you are celebrating this year. Grab some rubber gloves and suit up with a Flying Dog tee of your choice as well as a growler, flag, carabiner and trucker hat. Feel free to come to the rescue of any damsels in distress when their cup is empty and fill them up.

* You can also dress up as Beer Woman, we are not sexist.


Not-So-Basic Bitch

When you literally can’t even, we are here for you. Grab yourself an FD Jacket and a six pack of Raging Bitch and ditch the PSL for an IPA. You already have the rest of this outfit on right now. 

The Keymaker copy

The Keymaker

One of the more underrated characters of The Matrix trilogy, The Keymaker costume can get you into the door of any party. This slightly-dated costume will also come in handy when you are in the kitchen or in front of the grill as you rock your Flying Dog Apron. Stock up on key bottle openers and be at the ready to open the door to that special someone’s heart when they need their bottle opened.

Pearl Necklace Jam copy

Pearl Necklace Jam

Step 1. Repurpose your new favorite flannel shirt as a waist cape and put on your shitkickers.

Step 2. Crack a Pearl Necklace, turn up your distorted guitar, sing apathetic lyrics and rock out to the grey sounds of Seattle in the early 90’s.


Gandalf The Gray

You shall not pass… anyone wearing this costume that you won’t instantly be enamored with. Grab yourself a Flying Dog logo tee, an old road cone and some grey spray paint. We are currently sold out of wizard staffs, but your mom probably has a rod like this in her closet.

Barley Quinn copy

Barley Quinn

Gotham was never the same, why should your Halloween celebration be? Pick up a brewery work shirt and get your pigtail on. Bonus points if you come in for a deck of Flying Dog playing cards and stay for a beer or two.