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Aug 7 2012

New Brewhouse Rarity: It Gose Like This

Our latest Brewhouse Rarities release pays tribute to an ancient German beer style that makes the combination of sweet and salty so passé. Introducing Gose, a sour and salty wheat beer brewed with coriander and a Maryland twist.

Gose originated in Northern Germany and takes its name from the river Gose, which is lined by mineral-rich aquifers that give the water a natural salinity. To imitate these traditional brewing waters, we added sea salt to the brew, along with coriander to make it true to style. We also added Old Bay to the brew, giving it a twist only Marylanders can provide.

On the sour side, we added lactobacillus to the mash and let it sour for a minimum of 36 hours. That sour mash is then added to a larger mash and processed like a regular brew. The lactic acid produced gives the beer a distinct tartness, which is balanced by the saltiness and spice. 

A draft-only release only available in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, our Gose premieres on draft tonight at ChurchKey in DC.