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Jan 8 2016

What to Watch: Hungry Harvest

Hungry Harvest

To the uninitiated, you may not know that we are not big fans of waste. Our spent grain goes to local farmers and fed to their livestock, and we recycle more than just glass and cardboard. 

We also like to team up with others who feel the same way, which is why partnering with Hungry Harvest made us feel like a natural woman. The company, based in Columbia, MD is guided by two beliefs:

1. Every person has the right to eat healthy.

2. No food should go to waste.

We like that line of thinking and we are excited to celebrate their appearance on a reality show that doesn’t feature Donald Trump (Shark Tank) this evening. Tune into ABC tonight at 9 pm to watch the newest episode where Hungry Harvest will pitch their "ugly" produce subscription service. Until then, learn more about there mission here.