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Nov 3 2012

How You Can Help Sandy-Damaged NYC Restaurants

Our friends at Union Beer Distributors and all of the NYC-area bars and restaurants they support were rocked earlier this week by Hurricane Sandy. 

They support us everyday by spreading the gospel of Gonzo and craft beer on the streets of New York. The least we can do is share with our People's Republic of Flying Dog how we can all help them rebuild: 

What does Hurricane Sandy mean to NYC restaurants? 

The obvious "worst of it" are places that were decimated by flooding and extreme wind. But those left standing are facing monumental loss from lack of refrigeration and more. This summary from First We Feast puts it all in perspective.

From behind the bar: On the aftermath

If you're having trouble imagining how barmen and women in the most famous island in the world are faring, dive into this first-hand account of one man reopening after the storm (via Serious Eats).

6 things you can do right now to help Sandy-damanged restaurants 

Simple gestures like tipping well, spreading your spending, and sharing your knowledge of disaster relief programs can make a huge difference for places who are trying to reopen their doors. Get more details on Grub Street NY.