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Apr 18 2012

Holiday 4/20 Tickets Available at the Door

If you totally meant to buy tickets to our Holiday 4/20 party, but instead...
  • Got hungry and couldn't stop thinking about Chubby Hubby ice cream until you walked to 7-Eleven to get some. (Then, upon entering 7-Eleven, forgot about said Hubby and purchased 17 taquitos.)
  • Jammed on your guitar for 5 and a half hours, and subsequently had the best goddamn jam session of your life.
  • Had a heated internal debate on if it's cool to find cartoon characters attractive.
  • Lit a candle and tried to figure out what (like seriously, what) makes fire so fucking beautiful.
  • Watched the entire first season of Sanford and Son. 
  • Asked your cat if the government can be trusted. 
  • Fell asleep.
...then we've got the best news ever on the face of this planet. Tickets for our Holiday 4/20 party at the brewery this Friday will be available at the door. 

You can still buy them online for $15, but we will have a limited number available for $20 each when the party starts at 4:20 pm. 

So, you can save $5 and buy them now or play that risky game of life and get them at the door Friday. No pressure, dude.