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Jul 10 2012

Gonzofest 2012: The Food, the Beer, and the Ugly

Gonzofest rule #210: You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug. Especially when it's waving a razor-sharp hunting knife in your eye.  

Gonzofest rule #211: Eat, drink, and be merry goddamn it. 

Not to toot our own horns, puff up our own chests, or inflate our own egos, but we've got quite the food and drink lineup for Gonzofest at the brewery Saturday, July 21

The Beers: 

  • UnderDog Atlantic Lager (both on draft and in cans)
  • Snake Dog IPA (both on draft and in cans)
  • Woody Creek Belgian White
  • Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout
  • Gonzo Imperial Porter
  • Single Hop Imperial IPA with Citra 
  • Brewhouse Rarities Red Ale 
  • (the not-yet-released) Brewhouse Rarities Gose 
The food trucks: